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Winterim Day 2

Today we learned about the Exposure triangle. The Exposure triangle consists of shutter speed, aperture, and iso. Learning about the iso triangle is very confusing at first, but with a little bit of effort and work it can be easy to understand. when you talk about aperture you are talking about F/Stop which is a fraction, they usually go up by doubles of halves. An example is f/2.8. f/4, f/5.6,f/8. The next section of this triangle is shutter speed. this ranges from 1/60th of second and lower to about 1/8000, which is very fast. Shutter speed can be set to very fast of very slow, to 30 seconds. The third is ISO, which is sensitivity. This section ranges from 100 to 3200, or less sensitive to very sensitive.

For this mornings photoshoot we could only use our cameras in M mode(manuel mode) and had to show DOF(depth of Field).Heres a few photos i took during the day today! Tell me what you think!


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Winterim: Day 1

Today was the first day of my month long action photography course at school. today they gave us 1 hour to walk around the school grounds and take pictures. heres a few that i took. i will try to keep updated with this, and try to show you some pictures everyday. today we were only allowed to use the auto setting on our dslr cameras making it a little more difficult.


I decided to throw in at the last second a picture i edited for fun with the Instructor of the course. Hope you like!


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